He Knows Everything - Vinyl Limited Edition 2017


He Knows Everything - Vinyl Limited Edition 2017


HE KNOWS EVERYTHING – (Another Music records)

Andrea Manzoni

Official Release: 24 Novembre, 2017

Release Vinile: 21 January, 2017

“HE KNOWS EVERITHING” is the title of the third album by pianist/composer Andrea Manzoni. Composed and arranged with drummer Andrea Beccaro, is published by the Parisian label Another Music records. Is an album conceived for piano and drums, with a strong melodic impact that always leaves room for a polyrhythmical, deconstructed and rethought drumming, sonically designed specifically for these compositions. 

Album Tracks

01 Repetitive Clouds

02 Climate Change

03 He Knows Everything

04 Try To Be

05 Shapin’ It

06 The Sample is Simple

07 No Comment

08 A Good Girl

09 You Can Call Your Therapist

Andrea Manzoni – piano, compositions, Andrea Beccaro – batteria, sample.

All compositions and arrangements by Andrea Manzoni and Andrea Beccaro.

Recorded on June 18th-19th, 2017 at Piergiorgio Miotto Studio.

Mixed at GreenCube in Bern by Byorn Meyer. Mastered at HKB Studio in Bern by Benoit Piccand.

Graphic concept by Elena Lora Aprile

Produced and published by AnotherMusicRecords and Andrea Manzoni. Distributed worldwide by Believe Music

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