Andrea Manzoni – piano

Luca Curcio – double bass

Andrea Beccaro – drums

The fine line between jazz and rock

Andrea Manzoni represents a new generation of pianists who work to create innovative forms of expression, blurring the boundaries between jazz, rock and pop, into the emerging “crossover” style. Manzoni indeed leads his classic “piano trio” towards a dimension of interaction with an international flavour.

Andrea Manzoni defines himself as a pianist who drew inspiration from the depressed industrial province of Biella, where he was born and raised and where from an early age he has been working to create a personal style of jazz, distant from the Italian musical tradition. He is a dynamic artist, disruptive, with an energy and freshness of composition worthy of the great international musicians with whom he shares the search for comprehensive expression. A free spirit, versatile and acrobatic artist, always on the go. Manzoni’s music has an international flavor. La Repubblica (transl.)

Destination Under Construction – Despite the feeling that comes from the apparently indefinite title, which could lead to believe in a musical direction without a concrete form, Destination Under Construction is indeed a truly “self-contained” album. A consistent and sophisticated recording with acute attention to detail, that tells perfectly Manzoni’s intention to merge elements of classical composition with jazz harmony, together with a strong hint of rock and pop sounds.

A tight drumming, at times electronic.

A throbbing double bass, often in unison with the pianist’s left hand.

A determination sometimes martial.

A new beginning.

Quantum Discord, the debut album released by the Swiss label Altrisuoni in 2012, led the pianist to be known for his writing as well as his important collaborations (Irene Grandi and Elio e le storie tese, among others …) while Destination Under Construction expresses the desires of a great innovative performer and an experimenter who sees the piano as a musical instrument to be used at 360 degrees.


Almost two years after his successful debut with “Quantum Discord” (Altrisuoni©2012), the talented pianist from Biella is back with a follow-up album – “Destination Under Construction”, on which Manzoni continues to propose a musical style that is distant from that of the classic jazz piano trio. By doing so he is reaching out to the new generation of listeners who are familiar with the crossover nuances between rock, jazz and pop genres. “Destination Under Construction” is an album of strong emotions and character, with tight drum and piano interplay. Unlike its predecessor, it features a deeper compositional element, faithful to the classical tradition. Nothing is casual: the improvisations are well structured and cared for, regardless of how free the situations may seem.


Marcel Zaes electronics|compositions

Andrea Manzoni piano|compositions



What happens when a contemporary sound artist and a jazz pianist remain shut indoors in a baroque castle in the Piemontese mountains for two weeks? The result is Sjö – a collaborative project between the Budapest-based electronic composer Marcel Zaes (CH) and the Paris-based jazz pianist Andrea Manzoni (ITA). From the sheltered rooms of their baroque retreat, Zaes and Manzoni present a sonic research project which is as contemporary as it is versatile. Sjö explores questions such as what it means for a piano to make a sound in the 21st century – in a century over-determined by an electronic environment. Starting from Manzoni’s jazz-based technical expertise, the duo experiments with electronic transformations and the impact of their environment – whether low-key piano bar or deep techno club, their sound seeks to adapt the piano to different 21st century musical settings. The visuals accompanying Sjö’s sonic investigations are provided by the artwork of the artist Anna Schölß (GER).

Sjö – Bern 2014 from Lia Sáile on Vimeo.


Jan Bang | live sampling

Andrea Manzoni piano | keyboard | voice


The Jan Bang | Andrea Manzoni project is a blend of two deep musicians with imaginative qualities of improvisation and interaction between a different kind of music. Rock, classical music, jazz, coexist in a natural way.

As a producer, Bang stitches it together like a patchwork atlas and then makes the seams disappear: live recordings and studio constructions, old samples and new solos come together to form an exquisite everything.

The bulk of Manzoni’s work is a melodic, impressionistic and muscled with a very present improvisational aspect. Their powerful and shimmering blend attracts the audience inside their extemporaneous compositions.



Rosy Anoush Svazlian soprano

Andrea Manzoni piano|arrangements



NUR is a project dedicated to the research and redevelopment of Armenian music on an international level through the collaboration of Italian composer and pianist, Andrea Manzoni, and Armenian American Soprano, Rosy Anoush Svazlian.

NUR brings a unique new sound to the international stage by taking traditional Armenian music as a source of inspiration to create modern melodies fit for a wider international audience. The intent is to maintain the spirit and texts of traditional songs while adding a new flavor and fresh sounds to the precious Armenian folkloric repertoire. Music from Armenian composers such as Komitas, Berberian, Ganatchian, and Sayat Nova will be featured on the album

Story and live experience

As any countries folk music, Armenian music is less popular than modern day music. Today, the world spread Armenian Diaspora is strongly trying to preserve their heritage and music. A vivid example of this is NUR project, which tries to give a new life to songs that have been sung for centuries long.

Nurs’ concert tour is a journey through Armenian music revisited in a new and contemporary way and works will with a public used to hearing jazz, rock, and pop.

The melodies of Armenian composers (Komitas, Ganatchian, Berberian) remain in its original versions while the rhythmic aspect has been re-elaborated with a new and different perspective. The use of pulsing beats contrasts different atmospheres and immerses the listener to the discovery of the ancient culture of Armenia.

Rosy, as an Armenian, delivers the songs in its depths and colors, which mixed with Andrea’s unique pianism gives the public a new, enticing experience.