Pianist | Composer

Born in 1979, he began studying piano at 10 years with several teachers, including Franco D’Andrea, Stefano Battaglia, Armen Donelian, John Riley, Alexander Cerino, Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris, Christian Leroy, Battista Lena, Pierre Vaiana, Antonio Ballista, Nazareno Carusi and Tiziano Poli. Andrea starts very soon playing concerts. He has collaborated with artists such as Aldo Romano, Jan Bang, Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris, Irene Grandi, Elio (“e le storie tese”), Alessandro Cerino. He has performed on stages, on television and on radio (Italian and international broadcasts) including: Heineken Jammin’ Festival 2010, Taratatà (France 2), RSI (Swiss public radio and TV broadcasting), France Inter, “Strade del Cinema” Roman Theatre of Aosta, “Umberto Bindi” Award, Goethe Institute, Espace Veux (Brussels), Mantua Music Festival, Bordighera Jazz & Blues, Mendrisio Music Festival, Locarno Film Festival, “Poestate” Lugano, Cervino Film Festival, Libra Festival, and more. Andrea won numerous awards such as Yamaha Music Competition Italia, Multiculturita International Jazz Competition Capurso (BA), “Tenco” Award (best arrangements), “Bindi” Award (best arrangements) and many others. With the Andrea Manzoni Trio, he is a frequent guest at the Italian Cultural Institutes all over the world as for example the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) London, Münich, Hamburg, Addis Abeba. At the IIC of Tunis Andrea will reside as a resident artist in December 2015. Together with Swiss composer Marcel Zaes he held a Residency at the IIC of Budapest in the summer of 2015. He collaborate with many Italian and Swiss Foundation such as: SUISA Foundation (CH), Serapian Foundation (IT/ARM), ProElvetia (CH), Fondazione Ernst Göhner (CH), CRB Foundation (IT). Andrea works for RSI (SSR-SRG Swiss public broadcasting organisation) in the production of radio dramas and in the music recording of soundtracks for Swiss-produced broadcasts, both as a sideman and as composer. He has worked with producer Peter Walsh (Steve Wonder, Simple Minds, etc..). During the same year, Andrea also collaborated with the composer/artistic producer Walter Zweifel (John Cage).